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How to Purchase Unit for Job Posting?

Job Market has provided 3 for you to purchase Instant Post unit, they are: Employer Landing Page (before login), Employer Dashboard and Purchasing and billing.

Job Market has provided two standard rate card: Regular Package and Bulk Package.

In general speaking, Regular Package is provided for small amount and normal usage. For the unit duration, it has 30 days, 90 days, 180 days, 270 days and 360 days.

For Bulk Package, it will be started from minimum 10 Instant Post units. A certain amount of free Candidate Match units will be bundled to you if more units you have purchased.

Things to remind you that, Priority Job Unit cannot be purchased without any valid Instant Post unit within the same purchase order. The total amount should not be larger than the total amount of Instant Post units too.

Please click [ BUY ] after you have selected your items to put into cart. For more unit and pricing enquiry, please contact our Account Executives or calling our Advertising hotline at +852 3181 3181 or by email to:

Once you finish your selection, please read Job Market's Terms and Conditions of Sales before you click [ CheckOut ].

Job Market also provide 3 types of payment methods for your convenience. They are:

  • Payment by Bank Deposit,
  • Payment by Cheque, and
  • Online Credit Card Transaction.
For those who choose online Credit Card transaction, the exact amount will be cost from your credit card account immediately, while the rest of two might need you to provide deposit receipt / payslip as proof of payment.

All purchased unit will be valid after 2 working days from transaction or payment received.

All Instant Post unit's valid life cycle is maximum 30 days per job ads when the job ads published. For more detail, please refer to Instant Post.