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How do I know if someone apply my job post?

When there is a job seeker submit an application to your job ads, you will receive an email notification. And at the same time, you can also find the applicant from your job ads as well.

You can visit Job Market website, Login with your Advertiser account, click [ Job Listing ]. From your Job Ads item, you may find there is a column named Apply. There are 2 groups of number, the black one and the (blanket) one. The number in Black is the total number of Applicants that had applied to your job post, while the (blanket) number is those unread Applicants.

To protect Job Seeker's personal data with security channel, all attached Resume / CV will no longer send through unsecured email channel. Job Advertiser may request to login and download Job Seeker's CV through the security channel that provided by Job Market. Job Seeker's Resume / CV will not available to download forever and will be bounded by Job Market's Terms and Conditions to Advertiser