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How to do candidate match for my job post?

Job Market has provided a Candidate Match feature to Advertiser to find their ideal candidates. There are 2 ways to do the matching: System Match and Manual Match.

System Match

System will based on the criteria that Advertiser has selected from different Instant Job Post, and perform a match at mid-night, until the job ads expired. Every night, Job Market system will update the changes of the date from Job Market's Members and the latest criteria of the Job Post.

Manual Match

Job Market also welcome Advertiser Member to perform a manual search for Job Market's member if it is necessary.

Once Advertiser finds the interesting candidate, he / she can submit a Resume Request to any specific candidates to see if they are interest to the Job Post (this will subject to Advertiser has sufficient candidate match units). The Candidate Match unit will be hold and lock when the request submitted. Advertiser can set a certain time period to recall the request automatically. The onheld unit will be refund to Advertiser's account and Advertiser can request to another potential candidate unless the candidate has responded to Advertiser's request.